​​​​Epartyjumpers  is fully Licensed and  Insured and our business complies with the city requirements. Please check with your local park department for any further rules. 

Rules for Park Rentals:                                  

Reserve your shelter or space area with the appropriate park and recreation city or county. You should contact the park for rules about renting an inflatable, or Dunk tank.

  1. Apply and pay for all required fees by the city or county. 

  2. Customer must be present at the park at least 1/2 an hour before the time of the unit's delivery, and must show Photo I.D to Driver to match their name(s) with the one(s) on the park permit.  If the names/address differ from the park permit and the Photo ID, the customer must show another type of identification with his/her name and current address (utility bill or vehicle registration), if NO form of Identification is shown the staff may not set-up the inflatable jumpers.   Your order will be cancelled and a $25 delivery fee will be charge.

  3. Payment is received in a form of cash, money order, corporate checks, or cashier check and must be paid before set up.

  4. Jumper deliveries at Parks may differ from normal hours and prices, Epartyjumpers is fully licensed and insured and our business complies with all city requirements. 

  5. A Generator is required for any inflatable going to a park, unless park facility provides electricity and a 15 AMP circuit is available just for the jumper. Epartyjumpers charges $10 extra fee for park rentalNo Waterslides are allowed in parks. If customer declines to rent a generator and later a generator is needed, the driver will bring one at an available time and $25 delivery fee will be charge in cash at the time of drop off plus the rental fee for the generator.  Our generator rentals are $65 to $165 each;will come full with gas  . Our rentals at The Park is 4 Hours
  6. Customer must remain with the inflatable bounce houses and any other party equipment until the Epartyjumpers driver arrives for pick up.

  7. The latest pick up times for our park rentals are no later that 5:30-6:00 pm during November and March, and not later than 6:30 for the months of April through October. Time may vary base on each customer’s situation.

  8. A cancellation fee for a park is $0 if cancelled two weeks in advance, but there will be a cancellation fee of $25 dollars if the reservation is cancelled within a week prior to your event. 


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