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Parks and Recreations 

Approved for Lodi , San Joaquin county  and Stockton CA.

​​​​​ ​FAQ'S.

Epartyjumpers reserves the right to decline services if the location is out of the Rental Area or if location is innapropiate when Staff arririves.

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​​1.  Are your Jumpers secure?
A. Must remove shoes, no drinks, no food, and NO SILLY STRING. All our jumpers have safety instructions printed outside the jumper and steps on the entrance,  ADULT SUPERVISION is absolutely required during your Party/Event all the time. Safety of all participants in units is the responsibility of the person supervising. All units come with safety instructions located most of them in front of the unit. Not following the safety rules may result in physical injuries and/or additional fees for items not allowed in the inflatable.

2.  Are your jumpers sanitary?
A. Yes, our Eparty Jumpers Company provides clean jumpers. We normally clean-sanitized them after every use, we provide quality service.

3.  Do you need a Deposit in order to do my reservation?
A. No, a deposit is not required, the total charge for your reservation is payable at the time of the deliver with cash, money order, or Corporate Check.
*ONE WEEK  in advance is required for any rental cancellation.

4.  What time you company deliveries a jumper?
A. Our jumper deliveries are normally set-up between 7am – 12pm, and pick up hours are around 4pm –6:00pm. If your prefer a different delivery or pick-up time, you may contact our Eparty jumpers representative to suggest an appropriate time. For parks reservations see question 11.
5.  How much space do I need?
A. The standard jumpers sizes are 13’4"W X 14’4"L x 13'H or 15’4"W x 16'4"L x 13'H ’, so you need 3 feet more of space from each side. Check the size of the jumper you would like to reserve to have an idea, requirements might differ.

6. What about setup and pickup information?
Set-up: All moonwalks/jumpers can be setup on grass, concrete, asphalt, or hardwood (staff will not climb up or down steps to set-up an inflatable). Customer may notify Epatyjumpers representative while doing a reservation if there are steps. Customer needs to have a  water-hose ready for waterslides.  Set-up site should be ready when driver arrives (vehicles/obstacles out of the way, animal feces removed, any pet should be kept away from the inflatable at all times, setup location cleared). If site is not accessible or ready for the driver to do his setup job, driver has the option of  leaving or rescheduling and an extra fee may be charged to customer for any inconvenience. 
Pick-up: Vehicles/obstacles  should be out of the way, any pets should be kept away from staff and products, and the area must be cleared for the staff to do their job. Staff will not pick up products in dark sites for security reasons, if your event ends at a dark time, notify Epartyjumpers business line for the staff to pick up the products at an earlier time. We may leave inflatables for an overnight extra fee if the site is appropriate. Note: Customer is responsible for any rented product until the rental time expired.

IMPORTANT: CUSTOMER IS RESPONSIBLE for escorting out the kids from any inflatable and waterslide rented when the staff arrives to set-up or pick-up the bouncer. Accidents may happen if kids ARE NOT CONTROLLED by the ADULTS in the Party/Event while the staff is setting-up or picking up the jumper. Staff is NOT responsible from controlling the kids from running or stepping in the bouncer while they are working. Take in mind that the staff is doing their job as fast as they can to leave and continue their work at other places. Thank you for your understanding!

7.  What about weather conditions like rain or wind?

A. Eparty Jumpers reserves the right to cancel your reservation if weather conditions are too severe.  If winds exceed 15 miles per hour or if rain is too severe. Customer may also cancell the same day before 8:00 am. without a cancellation fee only during severe weather conditions. If customer decides to continue with his/her reservation while is not raining and then start to rain during rental period, the blower must be turn off and unplug and you may contact epartyjumpers to come and pickup the unit with NO refund to customer.
8.  How do I know that you will come?
A. We normally call our customers the day before to confirm the delivery time. We pride ourselves on our service and timeliness and we greatly value our customers. We also suggest our customers to contact our business line for any questions about their reservation.

9.  What’s the appropriate time frame do I need to do a reservation?

A. Call our Eparty Jumpers Company two weeks in advance to book your reservation on time, you can also call any day before your event to check availability, we may have available what you want to reserve!
10.  Do you work on HOLIDAYS?
A. Yes, we work on holidays. 
11. Do you set up in Parks?
A. Yes, we are fully License and Insured and our business comply with the city requirements, please check with your local park department for any rules they may have. *Jumpers deliveries at Parks may differ from normal hours and prices, 4   hours park rentas, proof of insurance is required by the city. A Generator is require for all inflatable going to a park, unless park facility provides electricity and a 15 AMP circuit available just for the jumper. No Waterslides areallowed in parks. *Restrictions may apply by local authorities. 
Note: Customer must be present at the park at least 1/2 hour before the time of the unit's delivery, and must show Photo I.D to Driver to match their name(s) with the one(s) we have on file. If we do not have the name of the person on file, the staff may not set-up the products and your order will be cancelled.

12. How many kids can use the Jumper?

A. Riders should be of similar age, weight, and height range. Adults and olders children should not ride with younger children.
B. Use of whistles or signaling devices is advised.
C. Keep riders away from the blower at all times.
D. Customer Personal Supervision is absolutely required all the time for persons under the age of eighteen.

*This is a suggested quantity based on the jumper standard size. All our Inflatables have a Safety Rule Pannel in front for instructions to follow:
WATERSLIDES-Front Landing:Max. Players: 3, Minimun Player Height 36", Maximum Player Weight: 200 Lbs.
COMBOS & COMBOS WATERSLIDES:Max. Players: 4 to 6, Minimun Player Height 36", Maximun Player Weight: 180 Lbs.

13. Are your units LEAD-FREE?

A. Yes. Our inflatable units meet the standard for protection in design and operation and are LEAD FREE (Lead Free means below 90 PPM [particle per million] CPSIA and California Proposition 65 compliance limits are 100 PPM.

14. A separate Safety Instructions is given to clients when Dunk Tank, Sumo Game, and Joust Arena are rented.




Compatibility Inflatable size
Unit sizeKids 4 to 8 & UnderKids 9 to 12 yearsOlder TensAdults
 13'4"W X 14'4" L                   8            5 to 6         3 to 4         2
 15'4"W x 16'4" L                 10            6 to 8         4 to 5        3